definition of AI

At work, there’s a very interesting debate going on what is the correct definition of Artificial Intelligence. The word AI has become more of a cliche these days but I believe there is still merit in having your own good definition of what it means to you and your organisation. Here’s my 2p worth… If… Continue reading definition of AI

python decorators

Its very important to remember that in Python, everything is an object. Functions are objects, classes are also objects. By virtue of being objects, they can be passed around. And they are mutable (which means they can be modified). Think of a situation where you want to measure the time each function takes to execute.… Continue reading python decorators

myths about “big data”

If I could borrow the neuralyzer for just one day, I would erase the phrase “Big Data” from the memories of all people. Since you are reading this, I assume that you’ve definitely heard of what Big Data is and if you are like most, you have more questions than answers. People selling Big Data solutions… Continue reading myths about “big data”

time is like orange juice!

According to my orange juice theory, a day is like an orange and the amount of time that you have in a day to do your tasks is like orange juice. With the right tools, techniques and determination, you can always squeeze a little bit more (juice) out of your day.   image credit:  

python functions and callables

Python is a good, strong Object Oriented Programming language and it was never designed to be a functional programming language. You can read a bit about the history here. Having said that, Python does have certain useful functional programming features which we discuss below. Function as first class citizens All functions in python are in… Continue reading python functions and callables

life’s too short

Its really too short to worry about a lot of things we unnecessarily worry about. In the grand scheme of things, our lives are scarily insignificant. Stuff has been around for billions of years and will continue to be around far longer than we can possibly imagine. Its only wise to enjoy this small life doing… Continue reading life’s too short

ethical selling

Is it really possible to sell ethically? What is unethical selling by the way? “Selling something that you know is not the best for the customer, but it makes you money, and you go ahead and do the sale.” That’s bad. Its worse than stealing and it should be punishable just like any other crime. So,… Continue reading ethical selling

opportunistic fraud

I did something very wrong yesterday. And I want to share with you all the cost of simple wrong doings. In Prague, taxis are notorious for cheating tourists. We were conned by the taxi guys when we took two cabs from train station to the hotel. They charged us 30 Euros for a ride that… Continue reading opportunistic fraud

smart phones?

Smart phones should not be called smart phones because they are not smart on their own. By calling them smart, subconsciously we expect them to have smart thinking and cognitive abilities like humans, which they obviously don’t. What if we call them something like “super fast doers” or “ultra quick computers”, that actually highlights their strengths?

conscious machines

One of the biggest areas of my interests is making intelligent machines. As we all know, the promise of AI has been unfulfilled for the past 40-50 years and there have been quite a few predictions by a lot of eminent scientists that machine intelligence is imminent and singularity is just around the corner. I… Continue reading conscious machines


Curiosity /kjʊərɪˈɒsɪti/ noun 1.  a strong desire to know or learn something. This has been driving me all my life to pursue the things I didn’t know. In a way, I am afraid of the unknown, and to overcome that fear, I read a lot about a lot of different things, ranging from science, technology, philosophy,… Continue reading curiosity


I was not born an entrepreneur. I don’t come from an entrepreneurial family. I don’t have an educational background that makes me one. But I have the passion to become an entrepreneur. Over the years of my professional life, I have built within myself a set of core values that have led me through a… Continue reading entrepreneurship

__name__ == “__main__” 🙂

Hi there! I am a geek and I love building things, breaking things apart and putting them back, mostly without leaving any pieces behind…well, mostly. I work as an independent consultant by day, writing software,  and the rest of the time, I aspire to building something that would make a +ve difference to the world, something that… Continue reading __name__ == “__main__” 🙂