Smart Spots

A smart sensor platfom to make sense of spaces.

Understand how your spaces are performing — without sacrificing privacy.

The Platform

Smart Spots is a hardware + software IoT platform designed to retrofit into existing buildings to measure and inform how well your spaces are performing.

Information in real-time

Smart Spots dashboards and data APIs enable you to answer questions in real-time, like

  • How many people are in the building right now?
  • How many parking spaces are free?
  • What is the busiest day of the week?
  • How many visitors will we have today?
  • Is this car registered for parking here?
  • Is there a long queue in the canteen?
  • Can I manage the heating more efficiently?

Sensors powered by Algorithms

We have built a bunch of bleading edge Computer Vision algorithms using the most advanced Deep Learning techniques to power the sensors and we are constantly improving them to perform efficiently and accurately.

Retrofit and smartify

Smart Spots is designed to be easy to retrofit existing buildings with sensors in a matter of hours and start collecting data.

Our expert engineers can assist you with the installation and setup on-site or remotely.


We take privacy extremely seriously and is embedded deeply in our dna.

Our sensors never… ever store or transmit personal information.

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