opportunistic fraud

I did something very wrong yesterday. And I want to share with you all the cost of simple wrong doings.

In Prague, taxis are notorious for cheating tourists. We were conned by the taxi guys when we took two cabs from train station to the hotel. They charged us 30 Euros for a ride that should have cost us just 10 Euros. I felt robbed.

The next day, I was adamant that we take the train to go around the city and not use the taxis. So went ahead and bought day tickets for all of us and roamed around happily on trains and trams. The next day, I realised that the we didn’t get the tickets punched at the station the day before. You’d have to do this before you board the first train. Which means, we could use the same tickets the next day.

I saw an opportunity to take revenge on Prague that cheated us and took 20 Euros from us. I wanted to get back at them (Prague as a city). So I said we should use the same train tickets the next day and not pay for them again. Which, we did.

We had a good day out and roamed around on trains (free of charge) until our last leg, back to the hotel.

You can take a guess now of what happened 🙂

There were two officers checking tickets while we walked out of the station and hit us with a fine that was 4 times the cost of the tickets.

Morals of the story:
1. If someone cheats you, see if you can fix it, instead of getting back at them (or the system) with revenge.

2. Committing a fraud, even petty ones will hit you back real hard.

3. If you still want to do it, aim for something substantial, like a multi million dollar heist or something. Anything less is not worth the risk 😉

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