ethical selling

Is it really possible to sell ethically?

What is unethical selling by the way?

“Selling something that you know is not the best for the customer, but it makes you money, and you go ahead and do the sale.”

That’s bad. Its worse than stealing and it should be punishable just like any other crime.

So, it it really possible to sell ethically?

I think so, very strongly.

  • Start with a product that is really good. Don’t compromise on the quality of your product. This is the foundation and it has to be strong.
  • When you meet with your customer, understand you customer’s needs.
  • If those needs are not met by your product, WALK AWAY.

Walking away from a prospect is the most difficult thing to do in a sale. You’ve done so much hard work to find a prospect and you are just one meeting away from potentially closing the deal. And you don’t want to step back now. Right?

Wrong. Unless you step back the moment you figure out that your product is not the right fit for your prospect, you cannot run an ethical business.

An organisation’s culture and values start with how you sell !!


I was not born an entrepreneur. I don’t come from an entrepreneurial family. I don’t have an educational background that makes me one. But I have the passion to become an entrepreneur.

Over the years of my professional life, I have built within myself a set of core values that have led me through a successful career. Here’s one …

Simon Sinek, in his TED talk and in his book made a very important point about successful companies. “People buy their products because of why they built them and not because of how they built them or what they built.