python functions and callables

Python is a good, strong Object Oriented Programming language and it was never designed to be a functional programming language. You can read a bit about the history here.

Having said that, Python does have certain useful functional programming features which we discuss below.

Function as first class citizens

All functions in python are in fact objects and you can do whatever you do normally with objects. Like passing them around. Functions can be passed as parameters into other functions and they can also be returned as return values. Continue reading “python functions and callables”

AI vs human-computer collaboration

We know that the strengths of humans are the weaknesses of machines (I mean computers). And vice versa.

Instead of striving to strengthen the weaknesses of computers and make them more human like, why not collaborate with them to join the strengths of humans and computers together to make a stronger combination?

Instead of asking “how can I make machines intelligent?”, a better question to ask is “what are the best ways to use the strengths of computers to augment ours?”.

That’s the key. It’s not just about using the strengths of computers. It’s about figuring out the right ways and combinations of using those strengths.

A thought to ponder upon…

conscious machines

One of the biggest areas of my interests is making intelligent machines. As we all know, the promise of AI has been unfulfilled for the past 40-50 years and there have been quite a few predictions by a lot of eminent scientists that machine intelligence is imminent and singularity is just around the corner.

I must admit that I don’t qualify to make any grand claims about AI, but I strongly believe it is possible to make machines intelligent. Don’t know when, but its possible. How?

Until then, I have a theory on what we can do today…


__name__ == “__main__” :-)

Hi there! I am a geek and I love building things, breaking things apart and putting them back, mostly without leaving any pieces behind…well, mostly.

I work as an independent consultant by day, writing software,  and the rest of the time, I aspire to building something that would make a +ve difference to the world, something that has a profound impact on humanity.

For a very long time, I’ve been thinking of starting to write a journal, mostly as a tool to help me look back in life and also to keep focused on my mission.

My current passion is research in Artificial Intelligence and I’m on a quest to find answers to questions like…

“can we mimic human intelligence in software applications?”
“can we build applications that can learn what the user wants?”
“how will machines look like in 10, 20, 30 years from now?”
“how will software look like in 10, 20, 30 years from now?”

Hope you find stuff here useful.

Reginald Vikram Garnepudi